A Month of Drawn Proverbs

“A storm in a teacup”

“Don’t let the cat out of the bag”

AG.- We need proverbs because they reflect who we are. In English, we have one almost for every moment and every aspect of our lives. These sayings connect us with knowledge that transcends people and time because their essence remains true.

Also, proverbs are crunchy bites that allow you to play with language, its rhythm and cadence and the metaphor that often hides behind them. It’s wonderful, because the same saying can have variations depending on the area where you hear it.

We invite you to join a game that will set your creativity in motion and that will connect us through these proverbs and the images they evoke in us.

Do you fancy taking your pencils, watercolours or tablet? This proposal will challenge you to draw a proverb every day. We will propose some from our profile in Instagram and Twitter. But you can ask at home and see if they can provide one. Then, make a drawing or a collage, mixing words and images as you please. When ready, we invite you to share your creation in social networks with the following hashtags (#debuxaunrefran (galego), #seanfhaclanbeo (Gaelic), #picsnproverbs (English)). You can use those very same hashtags to discover what others are drawing.

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